This season wool has been broken down, stretched out and infused in new, poetic ways. You should get at least one cosy sweater (if you do not already have any in your wardrobe) that keeps you hot when it is cool outside. The sweater perfectly matches big winter boots, that are also eagerly presented on the fall / winter 2017 runways by the most noble fashion designers. You definitely want to wear these fashion trends with a pencil skirt! Please see the set I made and inspire yourselves to make your own, similar ones. The gourmets presented in my set are just examples.

# cream, below-the-knee, non stretch, woolen pencil skirt, # cream, oversized and a bit longish cosy knit, # cream cosy knit above-the-knee socks, # warm, flat and comfortable winter boots with faux fur, # white or cream handbag, # small golden earrings, # long eyelashes, # white color manicure.

photos – Masterpiece Pencil Skirt