The fall / winter 2017 fashion season is upon us. I suggest to invest a little bit more money and get a camel coat because: 1. it is one of the hottest trends of this season’s runways 2. it will stay in your wardrobe for many years… Thus, camel wool is the strongest fabric as it comes to wools, it is also very soft and stylish at the same time. If you want to express your knowledge of fashion, keep the rest of your outfit in the same color. Please see the set I made and inspire yourselves to make your own, similar ones. The gourmets presented in my set are just examples.

# camel / beige / nude below-the-knee, non stretch, woolen pencil skirt, # camel / beige / nude over-the-knee boots (if you like to play with trends and make your outfit more interesting you can choose the boots covered with any additional color, e.g. camel + black), # camel / beige / nude turtleneck, # camel / beige / nude or the additional color handbag, # the additional color lingerie, # camel / beige / nude maxi scarf, # long eyelashes, # earrings in the additional color you chose, # loose hair, # nude fingernails and black toenails.

photos – Masterpiece Pencil Skirt