Two hottest trends of fall / winter 2017 runway shows in one piece – velvet over the knee boots! Without any doubts this is a MUST HAVE of this season. Boots and pencil skirt are a good starting point to build an interesting and fashion-forward outfit. Please see the set I made and inspire yourselves to make your own, similar ones. The gourmets presented in my set are just examples.

# autumnal color (e.g. black, beige, khaki, ecru etc.) matching the color of the boots, below-the-knee, non stretch, woolen pencil skirt with golden zipper at the back from the waistline to the hemline, # autumnal color over-the-knee velvet boots, # black velvet turtleneck, # black medium-sized velvet handbag, # autumnal color lace lingerie set, # long eyelashes, # lazy and messy ponytail bonded with black velvet ribbon, # ring with black stone, # black color manicure (ideally black matt).

photos – Masterpiece Pencil Skirt